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In Memoriam

We were saddened to learn that one of the fine young geldings we bred, Parnell’s Temple Bar, died unexpectedly at his home with the Hearts and Hands Therapeutic Riding Center in Loveland, CO earlier this Spring.  Temple, who was out of Parnell’s Muireann by Rock Ranch Nelson, was foaled in 2008.  We had two other colts that year, Parnell’s Teadoir and Parnell’s Tireachan, and all three boys were great friends – we have a lot of fond memories of them playing on the pasture.  In 2011, we donated Temple Bar to the American Gypsy Horse Angel Foundation, with the stipulation that he go to the Hearts and Horses Therapeutic Riding Center.  From the day we delivered him until his untimely death, Temple was a crowd-pleaser.   When it came time to start him under saddle, the trainer had to take him home to work with him, because he was too busy playing to his audience to pay attention to his lessons! He loved his job, and excelled at working with therapeutic riding clients of all ages and abilities. 


Godspeed, Temple Bar, you will be sorely missed.

Welcome to The Irish Rose, home of Parnell's Irish Cobs.  At last, it’s starting to feel like Springtime in the Rockies (but after years of living here, we know that Winter is not over – after all, we had 10 inches of snow on Mother’s Day in 2014)!  We had just enough snow for the recent warm weather to start the grass growing in the pastures, much to the delight of the mares – there is nothing as sweet as the first new grass of the season!  We have started the daily ritual of walking them back and forth from barn to pasture so that we can wean them onto the new grass, a few hours at a time, a little longer each day, until they can stay out 24/7.  Here’s to hoping that we have enough Spring rain to give us some really nice pastures this summer for the mares and their new foals.

Last Summer, we bred our three Irish Dexter cows, Seosaimhthin (“Josephine”),  Luiseach (“Lucy”) and Eabha (“Eva”), to an outstanding red Dexter bull (Laffey’s Norman).  Lucy’s baby, a fine little dun-colored bull calf, was born on St. Patrick’s Day.  We named him Donnchadh (”Duncan”), which translates as “brown warrior” in Gaelic.  Jo’s baby, another good-looking dun bull calf, was born on April 19th.  We named this boy MagUidhir (“MacGuire”), which means “son of the brown-haired one” – the name originated in Ulster in the 10th century, during the reign of the great Brian Boru.    Eva’s baby is due in June, about the same time as Cahir and Lizzie should be foaling! Check out their first PhotShow on the Gallery Page!



At Parnell's, our goal is to breed, train and show the finest traditional Irish Cobs. We are meeting this goal by carefully matching our broodmares with hand-picked stallions in terms of conformation and color. We also believe that it is equally important to maintain their well-deserved reputation for being hard-working horses with gentle dispositions. We breed for performance, whether in harness or under saddle, and we focus on the qualities that promote the ability to perform in multiple disciplines. Be sure and check out the “Horses for Sale” page for the latest information on our available horses.
Thinking about breeding your Gypsy horse mare in 2015? Our blue stallion, Parnell’s Leannan, will be standing to a limited number of approved Gypsy mares in 2015 – be sure and visit his page for more information (and look at Caoinlean, Si Gaoithe, Meadbh, Cormac mac Airt and Ceilidh to see how well he consistently reproduces his short back and sweet head!) If you are in the Fort Collins area and would like to visit with our herd, or see Leannan in person, please contact us to arrange for your visit!

We are pleased that we have been able to preserve another part of the Irish culture in the form of traditional driving vehicles. We are privileged to have owned two Irish Gypsy vardos or living wagons, an English Gypsy flat cart and an authentic Irish jaunting cart - please make sure you check the Driving Vehicles page for more information and photos of these lovely vehicles!  We are always happy to share more photos with people who are doing restorations or models.  We have decided to sell the Bow-Top wagon Gypsy wagon – if you are interested in owning an authentic Romany vardo to use with your Gypsy horse in parades and shows, please call Charlie to arrange for an inspection.

Thank you for visiting our website - we hope you will enjoy the pictures of our fine horses and our traditional Gypsy driving vehicles. Please contact us for more information regarding our available Horses for Sale. Our farm, The Irish Rose, is only an hour North of Denver, CO and we would love to show you our horses and wagons in person!


Parnell's Irish Cobs, LLC
Charlie and Jan Cox


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