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NewsFlash:  Jan and Charlie have made the tough decision to retire and sell the Irish Rose Farm this summer. Now is the time for you to acquire some exceptional bloodstock for your breeding operation, whether you are looking for a mare such as Cahir, Lisdoonvarna or her weanling filly Saoirse, or you need an outstanding stallion such as Leannan or his colt Skellig Michael. We will also be selling both of our Romany Gypsy wagons, just in time for the fairs and shows this summer. All reasonable offers will be considered, and we are happy to put together package deals!


Welcome to The Irish Rose, home of Parnell's Irish Cobs. Spring has finally arrived in the high country – well, at least as it typically comes in our area, with alternating weeks of 70-degree and 30-degree weather! The Gypsy horses have started to blow their heavy winter coats, so I hope we don’t get many more sub-freezing days. We have started the annual spring ritual of weaning the horses onto the new grass pastures after a winter of “dry-lot”, although I’m certain that it’s not fast enough for them. Both of the foals are completely weaned and Skellig Michael has gone out to the “boys’ room” to live with his sire Leannan and Jan’s miniature donkey Tullamore. Saoirse gets to hang out with the rest of the girls, and that’s just fine with her.

As noted in the “News Flashes”, Jan and I have decided to retire and sell the Irish Rose Farm this summer. While breeding, training and showing the finest traditional Irish Cobs, as well as sharing our Romany Gypsy wagons with others has been a source of tremendous satisfaction for us, it is time to begin the next phase of our lives. We have strived to produce the finest Irish Cobs by carefully matching our broodmares with hand-picked stallions in terms of conformation and color. We also believe that it is equally important to maintain their well-deserved reputation for being hard-working horses with gentle dispositions. We have bred for performance, whether in harness or under saddle, and focused on the qualities that promote the ability to perform in multiple disciplines.

As we wind down our operation, we will be selling some exceptional blood stock in addition to our two latest weanlings, Saoirse and Skellig Michael. Parnell’s Cahir was one of the original five broodmares that we imported from Ireland – she is homozygous for both black and tobiano, and has produced some outstanding foals for us. Parnell’s Lisdoonvarna or Lizzie was one of the first foals born at the Irish Rose – she rides, drives, shows and makes gorgeous babies that have her same sweet disposition. Our “blue” stallion Parnell’s Leannan has sired 7 incredible foals for us (
Caoinlean, Si Gaoithe, Meadbh, Cormac mac Airt, Ceilidh, Skellig Michael and Saoirse). He rides, drives, jumps and consistently reproduces his short back, sweet head and gentle disposition. If we were not retiring, we would not be selling these horses!

We are pleased that we have been able to preserve another part of the Irish culture in the form of traditional driving vehicles. We are privileged to have owned two Irish Gypsy vardos or living wagons, an English Gypsy flat cart and an authentic Irish jaunting cart - please make sure you check the Driving Vehicles page for more information and photos of these lovely vehicles! We are always happy to share more photos with people who are doing restorations or models. We will be selling the restored antique Romany Bow-Top Gypsy wagon as well as the partially restored 1914 Burton showman’s wagon. If you are interested in owning an authentic Romany vardo to use with your Gypsy horse in parades and shows, please call Charlie to arrange for an inspection. We will also have a traditional Gypsy parade harness for sale.

Thank you for visiting our website - we hope you will enjoy the pictures of our fine horses and our traditional Gypsy driving vehicles. Please contact us for more information regarding our available Horses for Sale. Our farm, The Irish Rose, is only an hour North of Denver, CO and we would love to show you our horses and wagons in person!

Parnell's Irish Cobs, LLC
Charlie and Jan Cox


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