Reasons why you should go to England on holiday

Touring through England can be lots of fun and even a learning experience for children. There are many people that are traveling to England and tour through England. However, if you don’t know why you should travel to England, you might not even consider a trip to this country. This country is a lot more interesting than what you might have thought. Here are the top reasons why you should to go England on holiday:

Buckingham Palace: top tourist attraction

The number one reason why many people are going to England and that are touring through England, is because of the most popular palace in the world. The Buckingham palace is the palace where the Queen of England is living.

This is a great place to see, even if you can’t get into the palace itself. If you are lucky you can get a tour through a certain part of the palace. The old, historical building will be much more beautiful in real life as what you might have seen on television.

Historical buildings and modern buildings in one place

People that are interesting in architecture will love England and London. This is because there you can find a mixture of historical buildings and modern buildings in one place.

The historical buildings are in good condition and many people are amazed about the different historical buildings that are still in perfect condition. And, then in contrast to the old buildings, the modern buildings will take your breath away.

Visiting the free museums and galleries

Going to all the different museums and galleries available can be fun and educational. And, the best part if it, is that most of these museums and galleries are free. Meaning that you can have a full day, going to the one museum to the next and you don’t have to spend money, except for purchasing food and something to drink.

Large variety cuisines available

You don’t need to worry that you will not like the cuisines that are available in England. There you will be able to find many different cuisines and you will find one that you will enjoy. You can even find a South African restaurant, if you are looking for something completely different from the English cuisines. There are different types of cuisines, and they are all delicious.

Beautiful gardens to visit

You might think that England is just about high buildings, historical buildings and modern buildings. However, there are many different and beautiful gardens that you can visit and relax at. There is nothing as calming as to sit in one of England’s most beautiful garden and to read a book or just sit and watch the different people go by.

You don’t need to worry that you might be bored when you are visiting England. There are many different things that you can see and places you can visit. If you are unsure about where you can go, you should do some research or book with a tour, that will take you everywhere.